MANDALA Coloring Book For Adult Relaxation by Victoria Yakubouskaya

Okay, okay I’m going to also resurrect #MEGAMUNDEN but it won’t be here. God be praised I dunno where I’m gonna put Him.

Anyway, I chose this little book to give myself a break but I don’t know what from. Have a nice life, America and Europe. That’s what I’m saying on this particular blog roll.



I mean don’t you think Apostle John in the Bible farted? He wrote Revelation too, and I’m scared as heck of that guy but he’s not the one who is supposed to come back. That’s King of kings and I don’t think we should wonder about some things, do you?

Okay I mean mystery is mystery. Let’s keep it that way no matter WHO is living right here on Earth ATM.

Thank you in advance.

The History of Farting by Dr. Benjamin Bart Preface

Anna Lind Thomas’s The Wrong Pipe

Lesley Stahl & 60 Minutes are PURE GOLD

Dearest Lesley, and Dearest 60 Minutes,

Your suffering is palpable. I’m sorry I haven’t watched in some years. I’m finding time to watch ya’ll again and you are family.

This that the monster in the White House is doing is very hard on women and extremely embarrassing to true men. This I see from watching your show.

Lesley, you are so strong. You are very kind. And none of us, the real people, ever will forget you and your love for the world and America.

I am so sick of what so many power players are doing, but I am Voice too and you are not they, 60 Minutes. Thank YOU for being you.

How Nice to Voice Together, Loves

Hold up; I’ll add my current poetry the next few days right here right now, and some music on my mind with all the stuff going on politically, and so you’ll get a real treat in this article if you choose to accept it.

Me and a Dude–I don’t think this one is lying about identity. Neither, as it were, a couple of others. I quote them in artwork when they are THAT real. If I don’t quote you, I love you still. Heaven on Earth, we define you and don’t worry about the world.

He’s in charge. I told you that, America and Europe. He has to inform you about HE. Not my job, as it were. I’m just doing what my current poetry says so give me the rest of the week to lend a hand to God Tweet here. Thanks in advance, Loves.

8:44 AMC 10/21/2020 @TheTweetOfGod Speaks

I cannot say how many blogs I have had. That doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve come home. Amen…

Confirmation Draw DO NOT try to interpret it. I understand the 666 (Revelation 13) and I no longer am caught in the Middle.

10:06 AMC 10/21/2020

Anyone say anything to Me, and I will report the quote if you testify against these two accounts henceforth.

Have a nice day, please.

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